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Serving Caregivers and Their Families
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 Gathering Places are hosted by area congregations and offer 4 hour socials where caregivers may leave family members and use that time to rest, run errands, etc.

There is no charge to attend the socials, but the caregiver must provide a letter from a doctor indicating the type of memory impairment, and complete a registration form.

Music, dance, reminiscing activities, games, arts and crafts, and physical exercise will improve your family member’s mood and may delay the progression of Alzheimer’s disease.

The Gathering Place receives a Community Development Block Grant to provide lunches for participants with Alzheimer’s disease, MCI, stroke, Parkinson’s disease, and frontotemporal disorders, but we have an open door policy—if there is a senior in the community who is isolated and desperately needs companionship, they may also participate in Gatherings.  

"We now know that the brain is plastic, or resilient enough that we can make ourselves smarter. Even in cases of Alzheimer's disease, some normal cells remain, and research suggests that they can be stimulated to create new connections."

Dr. Robert Bender, Medical Director
Johnny Orr Memory Center
Des Moines, Iowa


For more information, call:
Gatherings Coordinator - Eva  King - 979-665-5359
or the Gathering Place Office at 979-864-1925


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